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Senate Bill 0425

Senate Bill 0425

ARCHIVE (2000)

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DIGEST OF SB425 (Updated February 7, 2000 7:28 PM - DI 84)

Various adoption law changes. Expands the general assembly's public policy statement on paternity. Requires that whenever an adoption petition is filed concerning a child who is at least one year of age, notice of the adoption must be given to the child's putative father if the putative father has exercised any visitation with and provided any support for the child within a certain period. Applies even if the putative father has not registered with the putative father registry. Provides that before a court may deny a motion filed by a putative father of a child to contest an adoption, the court must: (1) require the putative father to show sufficient evidence of a biological relationship with the child through DNA testing; and (2) if the court determines that the DNA results show a biological relationship between the putative father and the child, the court must then determine whether the putative father has failed, without justifiable cause, to significantly communicate with and support the child for at least one year. Specifies that payment for certain adoption related expenses may not exceed an aggregate of $3,000. Expands the offense of adoption deception to include circumstances in which a person who benefits from adoption related payments does not intend to make an adoptive placement with the prospective adoptive parent from whom the payments are received.
    Current Status:
    In Committee - 2nd House
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