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Senate Bill 0459

Senate Bill 0459

ARCHIVE (2000)

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Child support emancipation age. Makes court ordered child support in dissolution of marriage and paternity cases mandatory. Lowers the child support emancipation age from 21 to 18 unless the child has not received a high school diploma or its equivalent. Terminates child support regardless of educational circumstances when a child becomes 19, unless the child is incapacitated. Permits court ordered postsecondary educational expenses under certain circumstances. Requires a child to maintain at least a C average to receive parental financial support for postsecondary education. Limits an order for postsecondary educational expenses to the costs assessed by an Indiana public institution of higher learning. Prohibits a custodial parent from voluntarily withdrawing a child from school without the noncustodial parent's consent unless the withdrawal is the result of a physician documented illness. Allows a court to escrow child support payments until the child is reenrolled in school unless the court determines that the escrowing of child support is likely to harm the child's best interests.
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    In Committee - first House
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