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Senate Bill 0499

Senate Bill 0499

ARCHIVE (2000)

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Certification of food handlers. Creates the Indiana food handlers certification board. Requires that after June 30, 2003, every food facility in Indiana have at least one certified food handler. Provides that a food facility that begins operation, changes ownership, or no longer has a certified food handler has six months to submit the name of its certified food handler to the board. Sets qualifications for a certified food handler, including the passage of a board approved written examination on food protection practices. Requires the board to approve or deny an application for certification within 30 days after receiving it. Provides that a food handler's certificate issued by the board expires five years from the date of issuance and may be renewed if the certificate holder successfully completes a recertification training course approved by the board. Sets subject requirements for recertification training courses. Requires that the board develop and maintain a statewide computerized data base containing statewide and countywide registries of certified food handlers and the food facilities that they serve.
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