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Senate Bill 0507

Senate Bill 0507

ARCHIVE (2000)

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Creates state agency to hear property tax appeals. Establishes the Indiana board of tax review. Provides that the Indiana board hears: (1) appeals from determinations of county property tax assessment boards of appeals; and (2) appeals from determinations of the state board of tax commissioners. Provides that determinations of the Indiana board are appealable to the Indiana tax court. Establishes the organization of the Indiana board, including the requirements for a division of appeals and a division of data analysis. Specifies the duties and procedures of the Indiana board. Directs the Indiana board to compute school assessment ratios. Authorizes the Indiana board to order special reassessments. Provides for annual withholding by the state of distributions of property tax replacement credit and homestead credit revenue for a county's reassessment fund until submission by the county of data relating to tax assessments, exemptions, deductions, and credits if the data is not submitted in a timely manner. Requires the state board of tax commissioners to establish a personal property audit division, a budget division, and an assessment division and specifies the responsibilities of those divisions. Eliminates the division of appeals and the division of tax review of the state board of tax commissioners. Requires the state board to conduct annual personal property assessment audits. Provides that payment of an appraisal contractor by a county is conditioned on the contractor providing real property assessment and property characteristic data to the state. Provides that rules of the state board of tax commissioners and the Indiana board of tax review may not: (1) restrict ability to practice before the agency to attorneys; or (2) restrict admissibility of evidence to the agency based on the manner in which the taxpayer's representative or other witness is compensated.
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    In Committee - first House
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