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Session Information - Action List: House Bill 1396

Action List: House Bill 1396

ARCHIVE (2001)

Authors:  Atterholt, Adams, Ayres, Becker, Bosma, Brown, Buck, Budak, Burton, Cherry, Crooks, Dickinson, Dillon, Duncan, Foley, Friend, Frizzell, GiaQuinta, Goeglein, Kruse, Lutz, McClain, Mock, Pond, Richardson, Ruppel, Scholer, Smith, Sturtz, Thompson, Torr, Turner, Ulmer, Welch

DateChamber   Action
01/11/2001 H     Authored by Representative Atterholt
01/11/2001 H     First reading: referred to Public Health
01/11/2001 H     Coauthored by Representatives Welch, Dickinson and Becker
02/08/2001 H     Representatives J. Lutz, Kruse, Dillon, T. Brown, Sturtz, Richardson, Budak, McClain, Turner, Ayres, Torr, GiaQuinta, Ulmer, Mock, Foley, Buck, Frizzell, Burton, Cherry, T. Adams, Bosma, Scholer, Crooks, Pond, Thompson, Friend, Goeglein, Ruppel, Duncan and M. Smith added as coauthors
02/08/2001 H     Committee report: do pass, adopted
02/12/2001 H     Second reading: ordered engrossed
02/13/2001 H     Cosponsors: Senators Lubbers and Craycraft
02/13/2001 H     Second Senate Sponsor: Senator Simpson
02/13/2001 H     First Senate Sponsor: Senator Miller
02/13/2001 H     Referred to the Senate
02/13/2001 H     Third reading: passed; Roll Call 73: Yeas 95 and Nays 0
02/27/2001 S     First reading: referred to Committee on Health and Provider Services
03/22/2001 S     Committee report: amend do pass, adopted
03/26/2001 S     Second reading: ordered engrossed
03/26/2001 S     Senator Gard added as cosponsor
03/27/2001 S     Third reading: passed; Roll Call 300: Yeas 50 and Nays 0
03/27/2001 S     Returned to the House with amendments
04/02/2001 H     House concurred in Senate amendments; Roll Call 443: Yeas 92 and Nays 0
04/10/2001 H     Signed by the Speaker
04/11/2001 S     Signed by the President Pro Tempore
04/23/2001 S     Signed by the President of the Senate
05/01/2001 H     Signed by the Governor
05/17/2001 H     Effective 07/01/01
05/17/2001 H     Public Law 86