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House Bill 1894

House Bill 1894

ARCHIVE (2001)

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DIGEST OF HB 1894 (Updated April 29, 2001 10:01 PM - DI 87)

Annexation. Specifies that with respect to an annexation initiated by all property owners of the area to be annexed: (1) the municipality must give notice of the hearing at least 20 day before the hearing; (2) a remonstrance may not be filed; (3) the public hearing may be held within 30 days after introduction of the ordinance; (4) the ordinance may be adopted not earlier than 14 days after the hearing; (5) the annexation takes effect at least 30 days after the annexation ordinance is published. Specifies that a landowner may withdraw the landowner's signature from a petition to annex containing signatures of all the landowners in the territory to be annexed. Provides that if a municipality repeals an annexation ordinance, it may not make further attempts to annex territory or any part of territory for 12, 24, or 42 months depending on at what point in the proceedings that the municipality repeals the ordinance. Authorizes the town of Avon in Hendricks County to annex territory if the territory is contiguous to the town, if the entire territory is located in the township within which the town is primarily located, and if the owner of the territory consents to the annexation. Exempts the town of Fishers in Hamilton County from the requirement that the town obtain the consent of the legislative body of a second or third class city before annexing within 3 miles of the corporate boundaries of the city if the city is located in another county. Provides that the date on which an annexation ordinance takes effect must be at least 90 days after the ordinance is published and filed. Requires that each page of a petition or remonstrance concerning an annexation must have a heading stating that it is a petition for annexation.
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