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House Bill 2102

House Bill 2102

ARCHIVE (2001)

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DIGEST OF HB2102 (Updated April 12, 2001 2:11 PM - DI 84)

Charter schools. Allows a sponsor to issue a charter to an organizer to establish a charter school. Defines a "sponsor" as: (1) the governing body of a school corporation; (2) a state higher education institution; or (3) the mayor of Indianapolis or Ft. Wayne. Sets forth the organization, powers, method of establishment, charter contents, policies, oversight, and restrictions for charter schools. Provides that a decision concerning the establishment of a charter school may not be restrained by a collective bargaining agreement. Allows the employees of a charter school to organize and collectively bargain. Requires 100% of the teachers in a charter school to either hold a license to teach in a public school or be in the process of obtaining a license through the transition to teaching program. Provides that if a school corporation eliminates a teaching position in a noncharter school because of a charter school, the legal or contractual provisions, if any, otherwise applicable to the teacher whose contract is canceled, continue to apply to that teacher. Allows the conversion of an existing public school to a charter school if at least 51% of the teachers and 51% of the parents approve of the conversion. Provides that only the governing body of the school corporation in which a conversion charter school is located may act as sponsor for the school. Establishes the transition to teaching program. Makes conforming amendments to related statutes.
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In Conference Committee
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