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Senate Bill 0106

Senate Bill 0106

ARCHIVE (2001)

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DIGEST OF SB106 (Updated February 13, 2001 4:20 PM - DI 84)

Public school scholarship program. Establishes a public elementary and secondary school scholarship program. Allows the parent of a public school student to request a scholarship for the student to enroll in: (1) a different public school in the student's base school corporation; or (2) a public school in a different school corporation. Provides an allocation of public funds for scholarship students between the base school corporation and the receiving school corporation, and provides that the parent is responsible for any additional costs. Requires the parent to provide student transportation. Provides that the laws concerning transfer students, including court ordered transfer students, do not apply to a student who attends a public school outside the student's base school corporation under the public elementary and secondary school scholarship program. Provides that if adjoining school corporations enter into an interlocal agreement under which students may attend school in the adjoining school corporations, the terms of the interlocal agreement, rather than transfer tuition statutes, govern the payment of costs.
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    In Committee - 2nd House
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