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Senate Bill 0312

Senate Bill 0312

ARCHIVE (2001)

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DIGEST OF SB 312 (Updated April 5, 2001 11:28 AM - DI 77)

HIV testing. Requires that the medical examination given to an individual committed to the department of correction after June 30, 2001, include tests for hepatitis C and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Requires a confirmatory test if a screening test indicates the presence of HIV. Allows the department of correction to require individuals committed to the department before July 1, 2001, to submit to hepatitis C and HIV tests. Requires the department of correction to report positive HIV test results to the state department of health. Provides that results of the hepatitis C and HIV tests are confidential unless otherwise provided by law. Requires the department of correction to file an annual report regarding certain statistical information regarding hepatitis C and HIV tests with the executive director of the legislative services agency. Provides that consent of the individual tested is not required. Specifies that a pregnant woman must be informed that she will be tested for HIV unless she refuses and that she has a right to refuse the test. Specifies certain information regarding HIV testing, transmission, prevention, and treatment that must be provided to a pregnant woman. Specifies that information regarding the HIV testing status of a woman must be included on the confidential portion of the birth certificate or stillbirth certificate of the woman's child. Requires the results of the tests to be confidential. Repeals a portion of a current law pertaining to voluntary HIV testing for pregnant women. Requires the state department of health to develop and distribute written materials explaining treatment options for individuals who have a positive HIV test.
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    In Committee - 2nd House
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