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Senate Bill 0376

Senate Bill 0376

ARCHIVE (2001)

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DIGEST OF SB 376 (Updated April 29, 2001 8:20 PM - DI 71)

School discipline policies. Provides that a school corporation's discipline policy must allow a student with an acute or chronic disease or medical condition to possess and self-administer medication that must be administered on an emergency basis while the student is on school grounds or off school grounds at a school activity, function, or event if the student's parent files an annual authorization that includes a written statement from the student's physician for the student to self-administer the medication. Prohibits a school from sending medication home with a student. Specifies individuals to whom medication may be released. Allows a school to send medication home with a high school student if the student's parent has given written permission. Provides that a school or school board is not civilly liable for damages as a result of self- administration in compliance with the law except for gross negligence or willful and wanton misconduct. Requires a school superintendent or designee to immediately notify law enforcement authorities if a student brings a firearm or bomb onto school property or is in possession of a firearm or bomb on school property. Provides that the superintendent or superintendent's designee may give similar notice if a deadly weapon other than a firearm or bomb is involved. Requires a law enforcement agency that receives notice from a superintendent to investigate and take appropriate action. Removes a requirement that the superintendent notify the county prosecutor in similar situations.
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