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House Bill 1340

House Bill 1340

ARCHIVE (2003)

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Proceedings before the IURC. Requires the utility regulatory commission (IURC) to consider the impact of its proposed order or determination in a case before it on any of the following that have an interest in or will be affected by the order or determination: (1) The ratepayers or customers of a utility under its jurisdiction. (2) The employees of a utility under its jurisdiction. (3) A utility under its jurisdiction. Requires the IURC to consider the impact of its determination on the public interest, regardless of whether the public interest was represented in the case by the utility consumer counselor. Requires the IURC, at least ten days before issuing a final order in a proceeding, to serve on all parties any report, audit, examination, analysis, or recommendation that is prepared at the IURC's direction and not included in the record of the proceeding. Prohibits the IURC from communicating with any of the following, or with an agent or representative of any of the following, about an issue in a proceeding, except on notice and with opportunity for all parties to participate: (1) A party to the proceeding. (2) A government agency. (3) A government official or the official's office staff. Requires the IURC to give notice of an parte communication to all parties and to the IURC's secretary for inclusion in the public record. Specifies information that a notice of ex parte communication must include. Requires a utility lobbyist who lobbies an IURC representative through certain activities or gifts to file an activity report with the state ethics commission.
Current Status:
In Committee - first House
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