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House Bill 1671

House Bill 1671

ARCHIVE (2003)

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DIGEST OF HB1671 (Updated April 26, 2003 12:23 PM - DI 84)

Environmental permits and rulemaking. Prohibits an applicant from receiving a refund of a permit application fee if the permit application concerned the renewal of a permit. Lowers the application fee threshold that identifies certain permit applications that the department of environmental management ( IDEM) must act upon with in 60 days, and sets a deadline for action on an application for a renewal. Requires the office of environmental adjudication to notify an environmental rulemaking board (ERB) of certain final orders concerning the ERB. With respect to environmental non-rule policy documents, requires IDEM to make certain information available to the public and an ERB concerning the proposed adoption by the ERB. With respect to proposed rules of an ERB, requires disclosure of additional information in the rulemaking process, including justification for requirements and restrictions that exceed federal standards, and specifies when IDEM must provide to the ERB the fiscal analysis prepared by the legislative services agency. Requires the environmental quality service council to study the environmental rulemaking process.
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