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House Bill 1696

House Bill 1696

ARCHIVE (2003)

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Health facility reimbursement and bed licensing fee. Requires the office of Medicaid policy and planning (office): (1) to use additional federal funds for the state Medicaid program received through intergovernmental transfers and other methods involving health facilities to supplement Medicaid reimbursement for health facilities; (2) to modify Medicaid reimbursement for health facilities to remove expenses for property taxes from the capital rate component and calculate the expenses in a new rate component; (3) to calculate administrative and professional liability components of the case mix reimbursement as specified; (4) to recalculate, publish, and pay Medicaid reimbursements as specified; (5) to modify the Medicaid case mix reimbursement system for health facilities and reimburse health facilities as specified; (6) to reimburse health facilities that elect to increase wages or benefits, and pay bonuses to certain personnel as specified; and (7) to amend and adopt specified administrative rules. Establishes the eldercare trust fund consisting of funds to be collected from health facilities as a bed licensing fee of $6 for each patient day in the health facility. Requires the state's rate setting contractor to: (1) use the most recent completed year when calculating medians and provider rates; (2) calculate the median for each rate component each quarter using all cost reports received by the state within a specified timeframe; and (3) include in the calculation of the administrative medians and the health facility's reimbursement rates the initial amount of the licensing fee paid by the health facility. Prohibits the office from repealing or amending specified administrative rules. Voids LSA Document #02-13(F) concerning Medicaid reimbursement of health facilities.
Current Status:
In Committee - first House
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