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Senate Bill 0389

Senate Bill 0389

ARCHIVE (2003)

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DIGEST OF SB389 (Updated April 7, 2003 2:48 PM - DI 84)

Wage payment issues. Provides a procedure for an employer to deduct amounts due to the employer from the employee from unpaid wages due to the employee. Provides that after employment terminates, neither an employer or an employee are precluded from recovering damages other than unpaid wages or amounts due to the employer. Provides that a mechanic's lien may be recorded for unpaid or unsatisfied fringe benefits and withholdings due an employee in the construction trades. Repeals and relocates language making it a Class C infraction for an employer to sell merchandise or supplies to an employee for a price higher than to the public. Repeals language requiring an employer to pay employees in commercial paper. Repeals duplicative language concerning frequency of wage payments to employees. Repeals outdated language concerning liens of laborers. Makes technical corrections.
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