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Senate Bill 0506

Senate Bill 0506

ARCHIVE (2003)

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DIGEST OF SB 506 (Updated April 25, 2003 4:12 PM - DI 108)

Probation user's fees. Permits a clerk to collect a credit card service fee from a person who uses a credit card to make a transaction with the clerk. Specifies that the credit card service fee is in addition to the amount of bail set by the trial court. Requires the county fiscal body to establish a salary schedule for probation officers and permits the county fiscal body to make appropriations from the county supplemental juvenile probation services fund and the county supplemental adult probation services fund to supplement the salaries of probation officers. Imposes an administration fee for each person placed on probation in a juvenile or adult court. Requires the administration fee to be collected before any other probation user fee. Allows a probation department to: (1) receive payment for fees by credit card; and (2) petition a court to impose or increase probation fees if the financial position of a person changes while the person is on probation. Allows a court to: (1) enforce an order to pay probation user fees by lien or garnishing of wages; (2) impose an increased probation user fee in certain circumstances; and (3) issue an order preventing a person from receiving a driver's license or permit if the person is delinquent in payment of probation fees. Provides up to 3% of the probation fees collected to the clerk's record perpetuation fund and up to 3% to the county, city, or town general fund.
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