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House Bill 1225

House Bill 1225

ARCHIVE (2004)

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Automated traffic law enforcement systems. Allows a local authority to adopt an ordinance under which the owner of a motor vehicle commits a violation when an automated traffic law enforcement system produces a recorded still photographic image of vehicle proceeding through an intersection contrary to a red signal. Establishes defenses that may be raised in enforcement proceedings. Provides that the ordinance: (1) may not impose a civil penalty greater than $100; and (2) may be enforced through a local ordinance violation bureau or an infraction and ordinance violation enforcement proceeding. Specifies that the ordinance must require local police officers to review the recorded images. Provides that the ordinance may not provide for the payment of compensation to a vendor of the automated system on the basis of: (1) the number of recorded images; (2) the number of citations issued; or (3) the amount of revenue generated. Allows the ordinance to provide for a warning notice instead of imposing a civil penalty. Makes conforming changes. Repeals a superseded definition.
Current Status:
In Committee - first House
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