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House Bill 1277

House Bill 1277

ARCHIVE (2004)

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DIGEST OF HB1277 (Updated March 3, 2004 4:46 pm - DI 84)

Wetlands. Does the following for purposes of the law concerning wetlands and certain other environmental management laws: (1) Amends the definitions of "Class I wetland," "Class III wetland," "exempt isolated wetland," and "waters." (2) Adds the definition of "dredged material." (3) Repeals the definition of "ponds." (4) Provides that the classification of certain isolated wetlands may be improved to a higher numeric class if certain actions are taken. (5) Provides that certain wetland activities shall be authorized by a general permit rule. (6) Provides that the department of environmental management (IDEM) has authority over wetland activities in isolated wetlands that are subject to NPDES permits, decrees, or orders that became effective before January 1, 2004. (7) Delays the dates that certain reports are due and certain rules must be adopted. (8) Requires a wetlands activity permit applicant to show that the activity is without reasonable alternative and reasonably necessary or appropriate. (9) Allows IDEM to require an amended wetlands activity permit application if the initial application is deficient.
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