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House Bill 1298

House Bill 1298

ARCHIVE (2004)

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Abandoned railroad corridors. Provides that certain statutes are applicable to the establishment of a recreational trail, regardless of: (1) when any part of the corridor was abandoned as a railroad right-of-way; (2) when the responsible party acquired title or a right to use any part of the corridor; or (3) whether the corridor is not included as part of the state's transportation plan or trail system plan or not funded by the state trail program. Provides that a recreational trail operated in violation of certain statutes is a public nuisance. Provides that a governmental entity may not operate or participate in the operation of a recreational trail in violation of certain statutes. Authorizes a taxpayer to seek an injunction to prevent a governmental entity from participating in a recreational trail that is operated in violation of the statutes. Requires a responsible party to include in the required filing the estimated dates of completion and operation of the trail, certain property tax information, and evidence of financial responsibility. Establishes a procedure for decommissioning a recreational trail. Establishes a procedure for dissolving a corridor that is not being used as a recreational trail.
Current Status:
In Committee - first House
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