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House Bill 1360

House Bill 1360

ARCHIVE (2004)

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DIGEST OF HB1360 (Updated February 23, 2004 6:00 pm - DI 84)

Various election law matters. Provides the following after December 31, 2004: (1) That an appointed member of a county election board or a board of elections and registration may not be a member of a candidate's committee. (2) That a circuit court clerk may not be a member of a candidate's committee other than the clerk's own candidate's committee. Provides that materials generated by a party convention or caucus to nominate candidates are the political party's property. Provides that a withdrawal of a declaration of candidacy must be filed not later than three days after the deadline for filing the declaration of candidacy. Provides that a poll clerk may make a record of individuals who have signed the poll list and make that list available to a watcher or pollbook holder. Makes changes in the standards for the eligibility of delegates to a town convention. Makes changes relating to deadlines for a committee to file its statement of organization, the printing of candidate names on the ballot, and holding primaries when candidates are unopposed. Makes various technical changes in statutes relating to voter registration. Provides that the legislative body of a small town may adopt an ordinance to provide for town elections to be held in any year in which a general or a municipal election is held. Requires a political party that nominates all its candidates for local office by convention to nominate those candidates not later than noon on the date major party candidates are required to fill a candidate vacancy. Provides for the questioning of the validity of the nomination of the candidates and for the withdrawal of the candidates. Requires the department of correction to inform a discharged criminal offender in writing of the person's right to register to vote and to provide the criminal offender with a copy of the state voter's bill of rights.
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