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House Bill 1407

House Bill 1407

ARCHIVE (2004)

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Accident investigation fee. Establishes a $25 fee to be collected after an accident is investigated by a state or local law enforcement agency. Provides for one fee for each vehicle involved in an accident, to be imposed on the vehicle's insurer or on the driver, if self-insured or not insured. Requires collection of the fee by state law enforcement agencies. Provides that the governing body of a municipal corporation may authorize the collection of the fee. Provides for the establishment of: (1) the state law enforcement supplemental account within the state general fund; and (2) a municipal corporation's law enforcement supplemental fund. Establishes procedures for the collection of an accident investigation fee. Provides that fees collected must be used to supplement funds available for the compensation of law enforcement officers employed by the law enforcement agency. Requires the department of insurance to establish procedures to confirm the accuracy of insurance information contained in accident reports.
Current Status:
In Committee - first House
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