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Senate Bill 0072

Senate Bill 0072

ARCHIVE (2004)

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DIGEST OF SB 72 (Updated March 4, 2004 9:50 pm - DI 102)

Various election law matters. Provides that a voter registration application having an illegible or a missing postmark is valid if received not later than 21 days before the election. Provides that a person who serves as a political committee's treasurer in violation of certain statutes is subject to a civil penalty upon the unanimous vote of the commission or county election board. Provides that a candidate for a municipal office shall file certain campaign finance reports even if a primary or municipal election is not held in the municipality. Requires a county election board to conduct municipal elections in all towns unless a town opts out. Provides that one precinct election board may serve all precincts at a single polling place. Provides that voters in a municipality's newly acquired territory may vote regardless of when the territory was acquired. Provides that a majority vote (rather than the unanimous vote) of a county election board is sufficient to appoint a precinct election officer when a county chairman has failed to make a nomination. Requires an individual who appears to vote after the individual's registration is placed on inactive status under a voter list maintenance program to affirm that the individual currently resides at the address shown on the individual's registration before the individual is permitted to vote. Specifies the requirements for a county voter registration office to conduct a voter list maintenance program. Provides that only counties that count absentee ballots at a central location may authorize the use of electronic equipment at the clerk's office for the casting of absentee ballots. Requires the voter's signature on an absentee ballot application to be compared to the voter's signature on the voter's registration record under certain circumstances. Requires a special election to be ordered in an election contest after a finding that the occurrence of deliberate acts makes it impossible to determine which candidate received the highest number of votes. Makes changes to the filing place for replacement candidates for local judicial offices of independent and minor party candidates. Establishes deadlines for: (1) the election division to certify certain information concerning candidates for president and vice president and presidential electors; and (2) printing provisional ballots in a presidential election year. Allows an absentee ballot cast by a voter required to provide additional documentation to be counted under the provisional ballot procedure if the documentation is filed before 6 p.m. on election day. Establishes a procedure for breaking a tie vote in a municipal election. Resolves a conflict in current law concerning: (1) the resumption of registration after a special election; and (2) the procedure for determining certain voter challenges. Makes available to the public election material required to be retained following an election after expiration of the period for filing a petition or cross-petition for a recount of votes or to contest the election, and requires a county voter registration office to keep confidential that part of election material necessary to protect the secrecy of a voter's ballot. Permits the election administration assistance fund to be administered in accordance with amendments to the state's HAVA plan. Provides that improvements or changes to voting systems may not be marketed, sold, leased, installed, or implemented in Indiana unless approved by the election commission, and authorizes the commission to revoke a certification of a voting system and prohibit a voting system vendor from marketing, leasing, or selling any voting system in Indiana if the vendor violates the certification requirements. Provides that, after December 31, 2005, the standards used to determine residency for voters are the same standards that must be used to determine residency for applying for a driver's license. Makes changes in election law concerning: (1) the definition of "chute"; (2) training of precinct election officers; (3) the nomination of candidates; (4) political party devices; (5) the withdrawal of candidates; (6) criminal statutes relating to distribution of slates and electioneering; (7) election administration; (8) precinct election officers; (9) watchers; (10) certification of nominees; (11) campaign finance reports; (12) voter registration; (13) statewide voter registration file; (14) rights of voters; (15) municipal elections; (16) ballot format; (17) write-in voting; (18) absentee voting; (19) polling places; (20) provisional ballots; (21) election recounts and contests; (22) filling vacancies in local offices; (23) the meeting of presidential electors; (24) filing financial disclosure statements; and (25) appointment of deputies of local officials. Repeals: (1) statutes relating to printing of ballots; (2) a duplicate requirement for filing with the election division a certificate of the public test of an optical scan voting system; and (3) a special procedure involving a county commissioner's resignation. Between July 1, 2004, and June 30, 2006, requires that a second school corporation levy referendum not be held before the earlier of: (1) the next primary or general election that occurs at least 11 months after the date of the referendum; or (2) one year after the date of the referendum, if a majority of the persons who voted in the first referendum held at a primary or general election do not vote "yes". Legalizes certain actions taken after deadlines set in statutes enacted in 2003. Legalizes the deposit of oaths of political subdivision officers made after the statutory deadline and before March 1, 2004. Provides for the clerk of the supreme court to be appointed by the court rather than elected.
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