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Senate Bill 0416

Senate Bill 0416

ARCHIVE (2004)

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Jury service. Removes certain professional exemptions from jury duty. Provides that a person is entitled to one automatic postponement of jury duty, and provides for exemptions from jury duty for health reasons and for certain persons with caregiver responsibilities. Excuses a juror from service if the juror has served within the preceding 24 months. Creates the lengthy trial account to be funded by a $3 filing fee in most civil cases. Provides that a person who serves in a trial lasting more than ten days may receive wage replacement from the lengthy trial fund. Caps the wage replacement at $300 per day for every day of jury service beyond the tenth day. Provides that certain individuals serving more than ten days on a jury may receive hardship wage replacement for jury service from days four through ten, with a $100 per day cap. Provides that the division of state court administration shall administer the lengthy trial account. Makes it a Class C misdemeanor to avoid jury service or to make misrepresentations on a jury questionnaire. Prohibits an employer from requiring an employee to use vacation or other leave for jury service. Makes conforming amendments. Repeals superseded penal statutes concerning jury service.
    Current Status:
    In Committee - first House
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