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House Bill 1001

House Bill 1001

ARCHIVE (2005)

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DIGEST OF HB 1001 (Updated April 29, 2005 6:39 pm - DI 51)

State budget. Appropriates money to carry on state government and make various distributions to schools and other political subdivisions. Increases and extends certain fees. Provides that the department of education rather than the professional standards board governs education, licensing, and professional development of teachers. Changes the kindergarten start date. Establishes an office of management and budget . Allows the budget agency to prescribe policies for the disposal of surplus property. Permits the state to intercept property tax replacement credit distributions to pay amounts due to the state for housing juvenile offenders. Changes the amount and payment schedule for these charges. Allows counties to enter into a repayment plan for current delinquent balances. Provides for the repayment to the state of certain income tax credits granted to Lake County taxpayers. Expands local options to provide additional homestead credits to property taxpayers. Limits the application of special valuation rules for certain steel companies. Establishes minimum and maximum limits on the amount of state property replacement credits that may be granted. Specifies that references in Indiana law to the Internal Revenue Code and related regulations refer to the law and regulations in effect on January 1, 2005, with certain adjustments concerning trade or business deductions. Extends the earned income tax credit. Legalizes a resolution regarding tax increment financing for a qualified airport development project. Makes changes in the first steps, child protection, Medicaid, and CHOICE programs. Changes the formulas for the health care for the indigent, school transportation, school capital project, and school general fund levies. Allows the issuance of federal highway funding anticipation warrants. Changes the names of the campuses of the school of medicine. Changes compensation for senior judges. Authorizes an additional court and certain magistrates. Provides bonding authority for higher education construction projects. Provides additional higher education tuition setting and course credit transfer requirements Establishes the government efficiency commission. Provides a COLA and 13th check to certain public employment retirees. Changes certain provisions related to state contributions to teacher pensions. Voids a gaming commission rule concerning fees. Makes other changes.
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