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House Bill 1414

House Bill 1414

ARCHIVE (2005)

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False campaign material. Makes the intentional participation in the preparation, dissemination, or broadcast of paid political advertising or campaign material, or in the drafting of a letter to the editor, a Class A misdemeanor, if the advertising, material, or letter: (1) concerns the personal or political character or act of a candidate, or the effect of a public question to be submitted to the electorate; (2) is designed to or tends to elect, promote, injure, or defeat the candidate or a public question; and (3) contains information or a statement that is false, if a person knew the information or statement was false or acted with reckless disregard as to truth or falsity. Exempts a person who merely prepares, disseminates, or broadcasts the material or letter in the normal course of business. Provides that a candidate who violates this provision forfeits the nomination or public office (if elected), unless the violation was trivial or occurred despite the candidate's good faith.
Current Status:
In Committee - first House
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