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House Bill 1431

House Bill 1431

ARCHIVE (2005)

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DIGEST OF HB 1431 (Updated April 28, 2005 7:56 pm - DI 58)

Clean water funding, agriculture and wetlands. Clean water funding, agriculture, and wetlands. Reduces the amount that is annually appropriated from the cigarette tax fund to the department of natural resources from one-third to one-sixth of the money in the fund. Annually deposits one-sixth of the money in the cigarette tax fund in the clean water Indiana fund. Provides that an exempt isolated wetland may be an isolated wetland that is located on land: (1) subject to regulation under United States Department of Agriculture wetland conservation programs, including Swampbuster and the Wetlands Reserve Program, because of voluntary enrollment in a federal farm program; and (2) used for agricultural or other purposes allowed under the programs. Provides that a wetland that is created or restored as a water of the United States may be used, as an alternative to the creation or restoration of an isolated wetland, as compensatory mitigation. Provides that the staff of the center for agricultural science and heritage (the barn) are employees of the state fair commission (commission) and that the barn ceases to be a body corporate and politic. Provides that the commission pay the operating expenses of the barn from the funds of the commission and that real property may not be held in the name of the barn. Revises the term of an individual on the board of trustees of the center for agricultural science and heritage (the barn) to four years and limits years of service in a 12 year period. Authorizes the barn director to hire staff and delegate authority. Repeals and relocates definitions pertaining to the barn. Makes conforming amendments. Provides that the dairy industry development board instead of the treasurer of state has custody of money received as assessments under the dairy industry development law. Requires the board to establish a fund controlled by the board in which to deposit assessments. Requires the board to invest the money as other public funds are invested. Appropriates the money in the dairy industry development fund on June 30, 2005, to the board. Requires the board to submit its independent audit to the state board of accounts and the department of agriculture. Repeals the dairy industry development fund.
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