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House Bill 1693

House Bill 1693

ARCHIVE (2005)

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State deregulation of telecommunications industry. Provides that after June 30, 2007, the utility regulatory commission (IURC) has jurisdiction over telecommunications carriers only to the extent that jurisdiction is: (1) expressly granted by state or federal law; or (2) necessary to administer a federal law for which responsibility has been delegated to the IURC. Eliminates the IURC's telecommunications jurisdiction concerning: (1) rates and charges for services; (2) depreciation schedules for carrier owned property; (3) service quality; and (4) financing arrangements or other carrier obligations. Retains the IURC's telecommunications jurisdiction concerning: (1) the enforcement of settlement agreements or alternative regulatory plans entered into before July 1, 2007; (2) dual party relay services for the hearing or speech impaired; (3) administration of the 211 dialing code for human services information; and (4) administration of universal service programs. Transfers all consumer protection duties with respect to telecommunications carriers to the division of consumer protection of the attorney general's office. Requires the general assembly to annually appropriate to the IURC and the division of consumer protection the amounts needed to fulfill their telecommunications duties. Eliminates the requirements for: (1) a public hearing; and (2) an IURC finding of public convenience and necessity; before the issuance of a certificate of territorial authority for telecommunications carriers. Requires the IURC to issue a certificate if a carrier's application is accurate, complete, and properly verified. Limits the IURC's jurisdiction with respect to carriers' interconnection duties. Makes conforming changes to the laws concerning rural telephone cooperatives. Repeals superseded statutes. Makes an appropriation.
Current Status:
In Committee - first House
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