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Senate Bill 0146

Senate Bill 0146

ARCHIVE (2005)

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Uniform Interstate Family Support Act. Amends the jurisdictional requirements of the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) for modification of support orders issued by a tribunal of another state, a foreign country, or a political subdivision. Amends the requirements for an Indiana tribunal to establish continuing, exclusive jurisdiction for a support order issued under UIFSA. Empowers an Indiana tribunal to establish a controlling support order if two or more orders are issued for the same obligor and same child. Requires an Indiana tribunal enforcing a foreign child support order to convert the amount of support owed into dollars. Requires an Indiana Title IV-D agency: (1) to ensure that a child support order for which it requests registration is controlling; (2) to convert into dollar amounts the amounts stated in a foreign currency in an order or judgment for which it requests registration; and (3) to redirect child support payments to a Title IV-D agency in another state if none of the following live in Indiana: (A) the obligor; (B) the obligee; or (C) the child. Repeals the provision that cites to IC 31-18 as the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.
    Current Status:
    In Committee - first House
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