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Senate Bill 0381

Senate Bill 0381

ARCHIVE (2005)

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DIGEST OF SB381 (Updated April 11, 2005 4:12 pm - DI 84)

Technology and telecommunications. Establishes the statewide broadband system. Establishes the statewide broadband account within the higher education statewide telecommunications fund. Establishes the Indiana broadband development program to be administered by the Indiana development finance authority. The broadband development program is established to encourage the development of affordable broadband services and networks in underserved areas in Indiana. The broadband development program coordinates the financing of broadband infrastructure development and otherwise facilitates the establishment of broadband service in underserved areas in Indiana. Specifies that a person or an entity that transmits communications over Internet Protocol enabled services is not a public utility subject to the regulation of the utility regulatory commission (IURC). Prohibits IURC from exercising jurisdiction over: (1) advanced and broadband services; and (2) information services. Prohibits, after June 30, 2007, IURC from exercising jurisdiction over any nonbasic telecommunications service. Requires an incumbent local exchange carrier to continue to offer a flat monthly rate with unlimited local calling for basic telecommunications services. Prohibits, after June 30, 2010, IURC from exercising jurisdiction over: pricing, terms, and conditions for basic telecommunications service. Provides that IURC may not exercise jurisdiction over basic telecommunications services in an exchange area if IURC determines that broadband services are available to at least 50% of the households located in the exchange area. Requires IURC to establish reasonable pricing for unbundled network elements, the resale of telecommunications services, and interconnection in accordance with the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996. Requires IURC to biennially identify and eliminate telecommunications regulations no longer necessary due to advances in technology and competition. Specifies that duties to provide dual party relay services for the hearing and speech impaired apply to providers of advanced, broadband, and other Internet services. Allows the IURC to retain jurisdiction over the provision of 211 services. Requires IURC to submit to the regulatory flexibility committee (the "committee") a report that includes an analysis of various issues concerning the telecommunications industry, including the status of competition in the industry and the availability of various telecommunication services in Indiana. Requires IURC to submit its report to the committee not later than November 15, 2006. Requires IURC to include in the report any recommendations for proposed legislation concerning the issues in the report. Requires IURC to retain jurisdiction over the rates that may be charged by an incumbent local exchange carrier to a pay phone service provider.
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