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Senate Bill 0446

Senate Bill 0446

ARCHIVE (2005)

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DIGEST OF SB 446 (Updated April 29, 2005 11:49 am - DI 52)

Local government liens. Provides that storm water management district fees constitute liens. Sets forth the procedures by which: (1) a lien attaches and is enforced; and (2) payment of fees is enforced. Conforms the lien procedure for regional water, sewage, and solid waste districts and county onsite waste management districts with the lien procedure for municipal sewers. In the lien procedure for municipal sewers, adjusts the timing of billing fees to a seller of property for which a lien is not filed before conveyance. With respect to cleanup by a local unit of government of a condition that exists on real property and that violates a local ordinance: (1) provides that a lien attaches to the property for the cost of the cleanup when the lien is recorded; (2) establishes when a bill for the cleanup becomes delinquent; and (3) establishes procedures for collection of fees and penalties and recording and release of liens. Provides that liens for taxes levied by a consolidated city are perfected when evidenced on the tax duplicate.
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