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Senate Bill 0500

Senate Bill 0500

ARCHIVE (2005)

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DIGEST OF SB 500 (Updated February 22, 2005 6:30 pm - DI 102)

Election commission and election division. Designates the secretary of state as the state's chief election official for all purposes. Provides that the secretary of state serves as a member and the chair of the election commission (commission). Provides that a member of the commission may not be a lobbyist, an officeholder for two years before appointment, or a political party officer (except for precinct committeeman, vice committeeman, or state convention delegate). Abolishes the process by which a state political party chairman disapproves of a governor's appointment to the commission. Requires a proxy of record and an alternate proxy to meet the same qualifications as the member in whose place the proxy serves. Provides that the election division is administered by a director, who serves at the pleasure of the secretary of state. Abolishes the current positions of co-director. Specifies that the election division staff must include an assistant director selected from a list of two names submitted by the chairman of the political party whose candidate received the second highest number of votes for secretary of state at the most recent election for that office. Permits the election division to enter into an agreement with a person subject to a campaign finance civil penalty to permit the person to pay the proposed penalty in full and waive further proceedings. Permits the election division to authorize county adoption of a proposed precinct establishment order submitted by a county if a voter of the county does not file an objection to the proposed order. Removes provisions requiring the consent of the co- directors of the election division for state administration and implementation of the Help America Vote Act. Makes technical changes. Repeals obsolete statutes relating to the co- directors of the election division.
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    Out of Committee - first House
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