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Senate Bill 0512

Senate Bill 0512

ARCHIVE (2005)

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DIGEST OF SB512 (Updated April 11, 2005 5:27 pm - DI 84)

Town government and annexation. Provides a procedure for changing a town into a city. Provides that a town may be changed into a city if the voters of the town approve a public question on changing the town into a city. Authorizes the town legislative body to provide by ordinance for the details of the conversion of the town into a city. Authorizes a town that began conversion into a city under existing law to complete conversion under the new statute. Permits a town that has begun its conversion into a city to complete the conversion by January 1, 2006, by holding a special election for city officers in 2005. Provides that a town does not have to obtain the consent of a city before annexing territory within three miles of the city if the town annexes territory located in a different county than a city or the annexation is a voluntary annexation or an annexation initiated by a municipality and consented to by at least 51% of the landowners of the annexed territory. Provides that if territory to be annexed consists of not more than 100 parcels, and 80% of the boundary of the annexed territory is contiguous to the municipality, a remonstrance requires the signatures of at least 75% of the landowners in the annexed territory. Allows a municipality in Elkhart County to annex territory that: (1) is not contiguous to the municipality; (2) has its entire area not more than two miles from the municipality's boundary; (3) is to be used for an industrial park containing one or more businesses; and (4) is either owned by the municipality or by a property owner who consents to the annexation. Allows the following to exempt annexed agricultural land from property tax liability until the land is rezoned under a different classification: (1) A town located in a county that contains a racetrack sanctioned by a nationally chartered and recognized auto racing organization. (2) The town of Pendleton. (3) The town of Lapel. (4) A town located in a township that borders the Muscatatuck River and has a canning factory. Repeals current statutes governing conversion of a town into a city.
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