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Senate Bill 0524

Senate Bill 0524

ARCHIVE (2005)

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DIGEST OF SB 524 (Updated March 31, 2005 4:25 pm - DI 73)

Local government. Amends the procedures for property tax sales and redemption of property sold in property tax sales. Provides that the failure of the county treasurer to certify the tax sale list before July 2 does not invalidate an otherwise valid sale. Requires that property sold together must be redeemed together. Provides that the county auditor is not required to use certified mail when mailing notice to a person with a mailing address outside the United States. Specifies that the costs of giving notice include postage, certified mailing fees, and publication costs. Provides that the lien of a purchaser at a tax sale is superior to all liens except: (1) a lien granted priority under federal law; and (2) a lien for taxes and special assessments that accrue after the sale. Repeals the provisions requiring the filing of a tax sale surplus fund disclosure form. Provides that the purchaser of a certificate of sale at an expedited tax sale may: (1) inspect the property; (2) perform any repair necessary to satisfy an order issued under the unsafe building law; and (3) perform any act necessary to abate a public nuisance. Provides that the expenditures made by the purchaser in taking these actions are included in the cost of redeeming the property. Provides that certain costs of enforcing the unsafe building law for a particular property become a lien on the property of an officer or a director of the property owner or a shareholder, a partner, a member, or another person owning more than a 10% interest in the property owner. Allows a county to adopt an ordinance providing that a taxpayer who is not eligible for a homestead credit for real property has 180 days to redeem the property. Allows all counties to use a provision currently applicable only to the metropolitan development commission in Marion County that allows the county to acquire certain property at tax sales for redevelopment purposes. Amends the definition of "blighted area" for purposes of the planning and development law. Allows a third class city that adopts second class city status to elect a city clerk-treasurer instead of electing a city clerk and appointing a city controller. Allows the northwestern Indiana regional planning commission to pay a claim or purchase order without obtaining a vendor's signature. Provides that a claim for reimbursement of mileage, meal, and lodging expenses to attend a state board of accounts conference may not be denied if the claim meets statutory requirements. Allows a municipality to adopt an ordinance providing for meal expense advances for a municipal employee who will be traveling on official municipal business. Increases the maximum term of a loan that a city or town may enter into from five to ten years. Provides that in the year in which a newly elected county officer takes office, the county fiscal body may change the compensation for holding the county office if: (1) the county officer requests the compensation change or, in the case of the county executive body, a majority of the county executive body requests the change; and (2) the county fiscal body approves the change. Provides that for purposes of airport development zones, the "base assessed value" is determined as of the assessment date immediately preceding the effective date of the initial resolution designating an airport development zone, regardless of the date of the hearing at which the initial resolution is finally approved. Allows the airport authority board to determine the portion of tax proceeds that will be allocated to a debt service fund and dedicated to the payment of principal and interest on bonds of the airport authority. Provides that tax proceeds remaining after the allocation to the debt service fund shall be deposited in a project fund and dedicated to the reimbursement of expenditures made for a qualified airport development project. Provides that tax increment financing proceeds in an airport development zone may be used to pay bonds issued by an eligible entity to pay for qualified airport development projects in the airport development zone or serving the airport development zone. Provides that emergency warning sirens may be funded under the county and municipal Barrett Law provisions. Provides that members of a township board may by unanimous vote reduce their salaries by any amount. Provides that at least 65% of the owners of land that is located in an unincorporated area and is within one-half of a mile from territory that is sought to be annexed may file a petition with the township legislative body requesting that the proposed annexation should not take place, if the territory sought to be annexed is more than ten acres and contains less than one resident for every two acres. Provides that if such a petition is filed, the township legislative body may adopt a resolution an appeal of the proposed annexation. Provides for a hearing by the court if the township legislative body appeals the annexation. Provides that the court shall order the proposed annexation not to take place if the court finds that: (1) the petition filed by landowners with the township legislative body meets statutory requirements; (2) the annexation will have a significant financial impact on the residents or owners of the land; and (3) the annexation is not in the best interests of the residents or owners of the land. Sets circumstances when an engineering and traffic investigation is required to be performed for a speed limit change. Authorizes the designation of residential redevelopment areas in Indianapolis and second class cities. Provides for the acquisition of real property subject to a tax sale for purposes of residential redevelopment. Provides an assessed valuation deduction for the rehabilitation or redevelopment of residential property in a residential redevelopment area.
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    Passed 2nd reading - 2nd House
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