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Senate Bill 0636

Senate Bill 0636

ARCHIVE (2005)

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911 telephone system funding formula. Applies to a county that: (1) imposes a monthly enhanced emergency telephone system fee; and (2) contains at least one public safety answering point (PSAP) operated by a unit other than the county. Requires PSAPs operating in the county to provide quarterly reports to the county treasurer and the unit's fiscal officer indicating the: (1) total number of incoming 911 calls received by the PSAP; and (2) number of calls for which public safety personnel were dispatched. Requires the county treasurer to distribute to PSAPs in the county 75% of the enhanced emergency telephone system fees collected each quarter by the county. Provides that the part of those fees distributed to a particular PSAP must bear the same proportion to the total fees distributed to all PSAPS that the share of calls resulting in a dispatch by the particular PSAP bears to the total share of calls in the county resulting in a dispatch by any PSAP in the county.
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    In Committee - first House
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