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House Bill 1821

House Bill 1821

ARCHIVE (2007)

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DIGEST OF HB 1821 (Updated April 28, 2007 6:37 pm - DI 110)

Professions and occupations; criminal background checks by certain entities. Requires: (1) a licensed home health agency and licensed personal services agency to apply for determinations concerning national criminal history background checks for employees (current law requires a limited criminal history check); and (2) the licensure of occupational therapists (current law requires certification). Provides that: (1) an occupational therapist may not provide certain services unless the patient has been referred by specified providers; (2) a holder of a license, registration, or certificate may be subject to civil penalties under certain circumstances; (3) the professional licensing agency may delay reinstating a license, certificate, or registration for 90 days to investigate an applicant; (4) a holder of a license, registration, or certificate is subject to disciplinary sanctions in specified circumstances; (5) the board may summarily suspend the license of a real estate appraiser under certain circumstances; (6) an individual may obtain a beauty culture instructor license and instruct in areas of beauty culture in which the individual holds a license; and (7) a registration to distribute controlled substances is automatically suspended under specified circumstances. Provides for reinstatement of a tanning facility license. Removes: (1) semi-professional elimination contests from the boxing and sparring laws; and (2) a provision that requires certain organizations to supply information concerning continuing education of land surveyors. Allows: (1) an individual who holds a valid CPA certificate from any state with substantial equivalency standards to perform quality reviews; (2) the state board of cosmetology examiners to establish standards for mobile salons; and (3) individuals who meet certain requirements to obtain a license in speech-language pathology. Changes the: (1) fee for issuance of a duplicate license, registration, or certificate from $10 to $25; (2) limitation on course work hours for students in barber school or cosmetology school from eight to ten hours per day; and (3) clinical experience required for marriage and family therapists from three to two years. Removes: (1) the psychology board's authority to establish a list of restricted psychology tests; and (2) the prohibition of certain individuals, including marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers, and mental health counselors, from administering or interpreting a restricted psychological test. Makes conforming changes. Repeals provisions concerning: (1) the requirement for a person to complete a cosmetology school program again if the person fails the examination by the state board of cosmetology examiners; (2) esthetics and electrology instructors licenses, which are replaced with the beauty culture instructor license; and (3) inactive cosmetology professionals' licenses.
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