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Senate Bill 0306

Senate Bill 0306

ARCHIVE (2007)

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Criminal history checks. Specifies that a limited criminal history check includes arrests even if there is no disposition. Requires requests for limited criminal history submitted by noncriminal justice agencies and individuals to be name based, and requires the state police department to inform persons who receive criminal history information of the scope of the information. Requires a court to order a convicted defendant to be fingerprinted unless the defendant was arrested and processed at the county jail, and requires the security and privacy council to adopt rules to ensure the uniform and efficient submission of criminal history data to the state police department. Grants civil immunity to prosecuting attorneys, clerks, and law enforcement officials for good faith errors or omissions that relate to the transmission of fingerprints or other criminal history data. Permits an employer to request a limited criminal history check of an employee who provides services involving contact with children or individuals who are mentally ill or disabled. Makes other changes and conforming amendments. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the sentencing policy study committee.)
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    In Committee - first House
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