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Senate Bill 0504

Senate Bill 0504

ARCHIVE (2007)

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DIGEST OF SB504 (Updated April 24, 2007 2:55 pm - DI 84)

TANF. Changes references from "Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program" to "Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program". Requires TANF applicants to participate in employment and job opportunities and that applicants who refuse to participate may be sanctioned. Removes a provision that makes a person convicted of specified misdemeanors ineligible for TANF. Provides that an individual who has been convicted of a felony involving a controlled substance, that does not include an element of distribution or manufacturing of controlled substances, and has completed or is participating in certain substance abuse treatment programs or mental health programs may receive assistance under TANF for up to 12 months. Requires drug testing not less than once every two months for a individual who has been convicted of a felony involving a controlled substance. Requires the department of correction to assist an offender with applying for TANF. Specifies when a dependent child is eligible for TANF and removes the high school diploma or equivalency certificate requirement. Makes certain TANF records confidential and not subject to disclosure. Repeals: (1) a provision requiring the diversion of a grant to subsidize child care costs; (2) a provision allowing for payment of care to be made directly to the person furnishing the care; (3) language regarding the amount of assistance available to a person who was previously eligible under AFDC; (4) a provision allowing the county office to designate a responsible person to receive assistance for a dependent child if the person essential to the well-being of the child is not providing proper care or not capable of properly spending assistance; (5) a provision allowing a person whose income would otherwise make the person ineligible for TANF to qualify for Medicaid assistance or transitional child care assistance under certain circumstances; (6) a provision allowing for a lawful permanent resident to be eligible for assistance and transitional benefits for one year; (7) provisions requiring assistance certificates and certificate requirements; (8) a chapter on change of residence for TANF recipients; and (9) a provision requiring that payments must be made monthly to recipients by warrant. Requires the family and social services agency to study tax relief and financial or medical assistance programs available to residents with incomes below the federal poverty income level.
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