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Senate Bill 0511

Senate Bill 0511

ARCHIVE (2007)

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Child product safety. Prohibits a person from manufacturing, remanufacturing, retrofitting, distributing, selling at wholesale or retail, contracting to sell or resell, leasing, subletting, or otherwise placing into the stream of commerce an unsafe children's product. Requires the state department of health to: (1) create and maintain a list of unsafe children's products; (2) update the list within 24 hours after identifying an unsafe children's product; (3) make the list available to the public and on the state department's web site; and (4) print information regarding the list of unsafe children's products. Requires certain business entities to provide notice to commercial customers and consumers and meet other requirements regarding unsafe children's products. Prohibits a child care facility from having an unsafe children's product on the child care premises. Requires: (1) the owner of a child care facility to post a written notice in the child care facility concerning unsafe children's products; and (2) the division of family resources to provide certain information to licensed and registered child care facilities. Allows the division to take disciplinary action against a child care facility for violating the child product safety laws. Provides that a person who violates the child product safety laws is subject to a civil penalty that does not exceed $500 for each day of violation. Provides that the attorney general may: (1) bring an action to enforce a penalty; (2) require a person to provide certain statements and information; (3) examine a person under oath; (4) examine certain materials; (5) seize and retain records, books, document, accounts, papers, or samples of merchandise; and (6) bring an action for an injunction. Allows the attorney general to accept an assurance of
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    In Committee - first House
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