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House Bill 1143

House Bill 1143

ARCHIVE (2008)

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Farm vehicles. Specifies that a rule adopted by the bureau of motor vehicles (BMV) to identify a farm truck must include a truck that is used primarily to transport firewood from land used for agricultural purposes to another location in the conduct of a commercial enterprise. Specifies that a rule adopted by the BMV to determine whether an implement of agriculture was designed to be operated on a highway: (1) may not exclude an implement of agriculture solely because it is used to simultaneously transport water and fertilizer; and (2) must comply with rules and regulations of the state chemist concerning the transport of fertilizers. Exempts, except for interstate highway travel, a farm truck transporting firewood from statutory height and width requirements. Exempts a vehicle that transports firewood from statutory gross weight and axle weight limits if the vehicle does not exceed the statutory limits by more than 10%. Changes references from "implement of husbandry" to "implement of agriculture".
Current Status:
In Committee - first House
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