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Senate Bill 0146

Senate Bill 0146

ARCHIVE (2008)

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DIGEST OF SB146 (Updated January 29, 2008 12:20 pm - DI 84)

Information preceding an abortion. Provides that informed consent to an abortion includes the requirement that a physician inform a pregnant woman that there is differing medical evidence concerning when a fetus feels pain. Provides that notice must be given to a pregnant woman in writing at least 18 hours before an abortion concerning the availability of adoptions and that certain adoption-related expenses may be borne by the adoptive parents, concerning physical risks to the woman in having an abortion, and stating that an embryo formed by the fertilization of a human ovum by a human sperm immediately begins to divide and grow as human physical life. Requires a physician who performs an abortion to: (1) have admitting privileges at a hospital in the county or in a county adjacent to the county where the abortion is performed; and (2) notify the patient of the hospital location where the patient can receive follow-up care by the physician.
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    In Committee - 2nd House
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