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Senate Bill 0227

Senate Bill 0227

ARCHIVE (2008)

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DIGEST OF SB 227 (Updated March 13, 2008 6:19 pm - DI 107)

Domestic violence issues and invasion of privacy. Renames the "sexual assault standards and certification board" as the "sexual assault victims advocate standards and certification board" (board) and moves control of the board to the criminal justice institute from the department of workforce development. Moves the sexual assault victims assistance account and all balances and encumbrances to the criminal justice institute from the department of workforce development. Removes the executive director of the commission for women from membership on the board and adds representatives of the office of family and social services and state department of health as members. Provides that victim advocates and victim services providers may not give testimony, produce records, or disclose certain confidential communications and confidential information without the victim's consent. Provides that a victim may not be forced to consent to the disclosure of confidential information in order to receive services. Requires a victim to be notified if confidential information is disclosed. Makes certain information obtained as part of an application for certain gaming licenses confidential. Allows a court: (1) to prohibit a defendant who has not been released from lawful detention from contacting a particular individual; and (2) to require, as a part of a person's executed sentence, that the person refrain from contact with a particular individual. Makes it a Class A misdemeanor to contact a particular individual in violation of: (1) a prohibition imposed on a defendant while in lawful detention; or (2) a requirement imposed as a condition of an executed sentence. Makes conforming changes. Repeals provisions being superseded by this bill.
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