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Senate Bill 0314

Senate Bill 0314

ARCHIVE (2008)

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DIGEST OF SB 314 (Updated March 14, 2008 4:32 pm - DI 77)

Agriculture matters. Changes the name of the department of agriculture to the Indiana state department of agriculture (department). Adds specific economic development efforts to be administered by the department. Requires the department to assist agricultural businesses in obtaining and preparing permits and serving as a liaison between the business and state and local government. Provides for the confidentiality of financial and application information obtained by the department that relates to economic development or promotion of agriculture and certain voluntary certification programs. Establishes duties for the director of the department concerning agricultural promotion, research, and international agricultural trade. Establishes duties for the director of the department concerning diversified farming. Makes changes to the commercial fertilizer law, including changing the definition of "blending" for fertilizers and adding a definition of "ammonium nitrate". Makes it a Class A misdemeanor to knowingly or intentionally violate the commercial fertilizer law. Changes the membership of the fertilizer advisory board. Amends certain definitions concerning pesticide laws. Removes the specific volume requirement for exempted bulk pesticide containers. Removes certain pesticides from the list of restricted pesticides. Requires pesticide product applicants to comply with the pesticide product laws. Allows the state chemist to deny a pesticide product registration. Amends a pesticide product applicant's and registrant's right to a review of a state chemist's action. Changes the membership of the pesticide review board (board). Allows the members to continue to serve until a successor is appointed and qualified. Provides that the board's travel reimbursement must meet Purdue University's travel policies. Allows the state chemist to have access to production records of pesticide products. Provides that the state chemist may refer violations to the prosecuting attorney. (Current law requires referral.) Amends the definition of "property" under pesticide use and application laws to include vehicles. Includes diagnostic inspections and determining infestations of wood destroying pests as qualifications to obtain a pesticide business license. Adds technician registrations to the licenses that are invalid if the business does not maintain financial responsibility. Prohibits: (1) verbal misrepresentations concerning the effect of pesticides; (2) using known ineffective amounts of pesticides; (3) refusing to supply the state chemist information during an investigation or inspection; (4) intentionally altering a license; (5) failing to provide proof of financial responsibility; and (6) impeding duties of the state chemist. Allows the state chemist to specify the time period certain pesticide records must be kept. Removes the 60 day time limit to file a claim from a pesticide accident and the seven day notification of licensees after an accident claim is filed. Authorizes the state board of animal health to provide voluntary grading and certification relating to meat and meat products. Provides that a person who knowingly or intentionally forges a grade or certification commits a Class D felony. Increases the battery penalty to a Class A misdemeanor if committed against the state chemist or the chemist's agent while performing their duties. Repeals provisions concerning: (1) operation of livestock export inspection facilities; (2) livestock inspection fees; (3) livestock export facilities; (4) the livestock export facility administration fund; (5) the center for value added research; and (6) adoption of federal fruit grades, domestic grading of certain fruits, inspections, and penalties. Makes conforming and technical changes.
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