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Senate Bill 0316

Senate Bill 0316

ARCHIVE (2008)

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DIGEST OF SB316 (Updated March 4, 2008 2:28 pm - DI 84)

Practice of veterinary medicine. Provides that the veterinary drug restrictions do not apply to veterinary drugs that are not restricted by federal law. Transfers the licensure of veterinarians and the registration of veterinary technicians to the article governing professions and occupations. Adds definitions of the terms "client", "consultation", "contract operator", "direct supervision", "indirect supervision", "registered veterinary technician", "supervisor", "veterinary assistant", and "veterinarian-client relationship". Amends the definition of "practice of veterinary medicine" to include the following acts done for compensation: (1) dispensing medicines to treat an animal; (2) performing complementary or alternative therapy upon an animal; and (3) certifying the health or fitness of an animal. Removes the definition of "veterinary technician". Adds a registered veterinary technician to the board of veterinary medical examiners (board). Establishes the veterinary investigative fund, and allows a $10 fee to be placed in the fund. Amends the provisions regulating who may practice veterinary medicine without a license by: (1) removing veterinary technology instructors; (2) adding veterinary medical officers; (3) specifying that college instructors must be faculty at the School of Veterinary Medicine at Purdue University (Purdue); (4) specifies that scientific research must comply with federal animal welfare regulations; (5) specifies that foreign graduates and postgraduates must be under the supervision of Purdue faculty instead of a licensed veterinarian; and (6) providing assistance requested by a veterinarian by certain regulated professions. Prohibits issuing a veterinarian license to a person who has a conviction that would have a bearing on the person's ability to practice ethically or would have violated certain standards of practice. Allows the board to require continuing education as a condition of renewal of a license if the license has been expired for not more than five years. Prohibits a person from using the title "veterinary technician" unless the person is registered. Prohibits a veterinary assistant from diagnosing, prescribing, or performing surgery. Allows a registered veterinary technician to perform certain procedures under indirect supervision. Specifies supervision and delegation responsibilities. Removes the requirement to display licenses, registrations, and permits. Requires a veterinary-client relationship to exist before dispensing or prescribing a prescription. Prohibits prescription products from being transferred to a person if a veterinarian-client-patient relationship does not exist. Allows a client to obtain the animal's prescription if certain conditions are met. Makes veterinary medical records confidential. Requires the records to be maintained for three years. Establishes exceptions to the confidentiality of records. Requires that written notice concerning an abandoned animal be sent by certified mail. Allows a registered veterinary technician to be disciplined for intoxication. (Current law requires discipline for chronic intoxication.) Provides immunity for veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians who in good faith report a suspected incident of animal cruelty. Provides that a person who: (1) practices as a veterinarian or registered veterinary technician without a license, permit, or registration; or (2) supplies false information on an application; commits a Class A misdemeanor. (The current penalty is a Class B misdemeanor.) Provides that other violations of the article are a Class A infraction. Establishes an impaired veterinary health care provider program. Establishes an impaired veterinary health care provider fund. Requires that part of an application fee be deposited into the fund. Requires the board to amend certain administrative rules. Makes technical and related changes. Makes an appropriation.
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