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Senate Bill 0355

Senate Bill 0355

ARCHIVE (2008)

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Cemeteries. Requires that the rules and regulations adopted by a cemetery owner must establish the conditions under which a person other than the cemetery owner may install certain commodities in the cemetery. Provides that the rules must require an inspection fee, proof of liability insurance, and proof of a surety bond. Provides that the installation in a cemetery of a commodity purchased from a source other than the cemetery owner does not relieve the cemetery owner of the duty to maintain the part of the cemetery on which the commodity is installed. Provides that: (1) a cemetery owner is not relieved of the duty to exercise reasonable care with respect to a commodity that is purchased from a source other than the cemetery owner and installed in the cemetery; and (2) a cemetery owner is liable for any damage to the commodity resulting from a negligent, a reckless, or an intentional act committed by the cemetery owner or an employee of the cemetery owner acting in the scope of the employee's employment.
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    In Committee - first House
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