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House Bill 1234

House Bill 1234

ARCHIVE (2009)

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County executives and legislative bodies. Permits a county to reorganize its executive and legislative structure and powers so that all executive authority is exercised by a single elected county executive and all legislative and fiscal powers are exercised by the county council. Provides that the county council in a reorganized county consists of seven members, four elected from districts and three elected at large (except for Lake County and St. Joseph County, in which county councils would remain as constituted under current law). Provides that a reorganization may be adopted if: (1) the county executive adopts an ordinance (in Lake County or St. Joseph County, if an ordinance is adopted as required by law for either of those counties) to reorganize the county executive and legislative powers or a specified number of voters sign a petition for reorganization; and (2) the reorganization is approved by the voters of the county. Provides that a reorganization can be approved only in an even-numbered year. Provides that if the county's voters vote in favor of the public question, the first single member county executive would be elected at the second general election that is held after the general election at which the voters approve the reorganization. Provides for transition from a three member county executive to the single member county executive. Provides that if a county adopts a single county executive form of government, the county council rather than the county executive is responsible for redistricting the county council. (In Lake County, the county redistricting commission would continue to redistrict county council districts.) Provides that the only reason that county council districts may be changed after the first redistricting after a decennial census is to conform the districts to statutory requirements.
Current Status:
 In Committee - first House
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