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House Bill 1272

House Bill 1272

ARCHIVE (2009)

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Illegal immigration. Requires: (1) the department of workforce development to determine and file an annual report on the number, industries of employment, and wage rates of unauthorized aliens; and (2) public employers and public contractors to use E-Verify to verify the work eligibility status of all newly hired employees. Requires the department of correction to: (1) evaluate the citizenship and immigration status of a committed offender; and (2) notify and work with the United States Department of Homeland Security to deport offenders who are in the United States unlawfully. Requires the attorney general to: (1) verify quarterly whether an order has been issued or a criminal penalty has been imposed under a federal law regarding the employment of unauthorized aliens against a person or other entity doing business in Indiana; and (2) order the appropriate agencies to permanently revoke all licenses held by a person or entity who has had an order issued or a criminal penalty imposed against the person or entity. Provides that: (1) a person who counterfeits or falsely reproduces a driver's license with intent to use the license or to permit another person to use the license commits a Class D felony (instead of a Class B misdemeanor); and (2) a person who knowingly or intentionally produces or distributes a document that is not issued by a government entity and that purports to be a government issued identification commits a Class C felony (instead of a Class A misdemeanor). Makes making or distributing a forged instrument a Class B felony.
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In Committee - first House
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