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House Bill 1488

House Bill 1488

ARCHIVE (2009)

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Unauthorized aliens. Requires the superintendent of the state police department to: (1) negotiate terms of a memorandum of understanding (memorandum) concerning a pilot project for the enforcement of federal immigration and customs laws; and (2) designate appropriate police employees to be trained under the memorandum. Prohibits a state agency or political subdivision from providing federal, state, or local public benefits to a person who is not a: (1) United States citizen; or (2) qualified alien under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act and lawfully present in the United States. Requires a state agency or a political subdivision to verify the lawful presence in the United States of certain individuals who apply for public benefits. Requires a state agency or political subdivision to: (1) verify the lawful presence of the person; (2) verify the lawful presence of certain individuals through the Systematic Alien Verification of Entitlements (SAVE) program; and (3) report errors and significant delays in the SAVE program. Provides that a person who makes a false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement in an affidavit verifying lawful presence commits a Class D felony. Requires employers to: (1) comply with requirements regarding verification of employment under federal law; and (2) make verification forms available for inspection by the commissioner of labor. Requires the commissioner of labor to file a complaint with the United States Office of the Attorney General if an employer fails to retain or to make available for inspection a verification of each employee.
Current Status:
In Committee - first House
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