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House Bill 1650

House Bill 1650

ARCHIVE (2009)

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DIGEST OF HB1650 (Updated April 15, 2009 2:25 pm - DI 84)

Motor vehicle matters. Requires the department of administration to enter into quantity purchase agreements with vendors for the purchase of road salt. Provides that these quantity purchase agreements must require the vendors to offer the road salt to political subdivisions. Provides that political subdivisions: (1) may participate in the solicitation of purchase of road salt by submitting the estimated volume of salt use to the department; and (2) shall be committed to purchasing the minimum fill percentage submitted for solicitation. Provides that certain substances approved by the federal Environmental Protection Agency are acceptable alternatives for use as refrigerants in motor vehicle air conditioning systems. Updates an obsolete reference to a federal statute in the Indiana statute governing recovery of civil penalties by the attorney general for violation of state or federal laws concerning tampering with or resetting odometers. Establishes certain defenses for vehicle weight limit violations. Deletes certain references in vehicle law regarding criminal liability for purposes of weight limitations to bring those references into conformance with vehicle law and current case law. Reduces the length of time that a vehicle must sit under certain circumstances before being considered abandoned. Provides that agents of certain persons are not liable for loss or damage to a vehicle or parts occurring during the removal or storage of certain vehicles or parts. Provides that a vehicle covered by a tarpaulin or other plastic, vinyl, rubber, cloth, or textile covering is considered to be visible for purposes of determining whether a vehicle is considered abandoned. Specifies the responsibilities of a driver involved in a nonfatal accident.
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