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Session Information - Action List: House Concurrent Resolution 0012

Action List: House Concurrent Resolution 0012

ARCHIVE (2009)

Authors:  Duncan, Reske, Tincher

DateChamber   Action
01/27/2009 H     Authored by Representative Duncan
01/27/2009 H     Coauthored by Representatives Reske and Tincher
01/27/2009 H     First reading: adopted Voice Vote
01/27/2009 H     Referred to the Senate
01/27/2009 H     Senate Sponsor: Senator Leising
01/27/2009 H     Second Senate Sponsor: Senator Nugent
01/29/2009 S     First reading: referred to Committee on Homeland Security and Transportation & Veterans Affairs
03/17/2009 S     Committee report: do pass, adopted
03/19/2009 S     Second reading: adopted Voice Vote
03/19/2009 S     Returned to the House