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Senate Bill 0372

Senate Bill 0372

ARCHIVE (2009)

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Unauthorized immigration matters. Requires the department of correction to: (1) evaluate the citizenship and immigration status of a committed offender; and (2) notify and work with the United States Department of Homeland Security to deport offenders who are in the United States unlawfully. Provides that the fact that a defendant is a foreign national not lawfully admitted to the United States is a fact relevant to the risk of nonappearance a judicial officer must consider in setting bail. Requires a sheriff to make a reasonable effort to determine the citizenship or immigration status of certain persons. Prohibits a governmental body from enacting an ordinance, resolution, rule, or policy that prohibits or limits another governmental body from sending, receiving, maintaining, or exchanging information on the citizenship or immigration status of an individual. Allows law enforcement agencies to negotiate terms of a memorandum of understanding concerning a pilot project for the enforcement of federal immigration and customs laws. Requires an individual filing a claim for unemployment insurance to provide certain information in person to the department of workforce development. Prohibits an employer from knowingly hiring, after January 1, 2010, an unauthorized alien. Authorizes, subject to availability of funds, the attorney general to: (1) investigate a complaint that an employer knowingly employed an unauthorized alien; (2) verify the work authorization of the alleged unauthorized alien with the federal government; (3) notify United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, local law enforcement agencies, and the appropriate prosecuting attorney under certain conditions; and (4) maintain certain records of violation orders.
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    In Committee - first House
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