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Senate Bill 0477

Senate Bill 0477

ARCHIVE (2009)

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DIGEST OF SB477 (Updated March 23, 2009 4:14 pm - DI 84)

Department of workforce development collections. Authorizes the department of workforce development (DWD) or its agent to collect delinquent unemployment insurance assessments and benefit overpayments after filing a judgment lien for the amount due. Limits the use of certain collection methods to individuals whose overpayment of unemployment insurance benefits occurred as the result of fraud. Authorizes collection of a judgment lien by taking any of the following actions: (1) Levy upon property held by a financial institution. (2) Garnishment. (3) Levy and sale of real or personal property. (4) Use of a data match system with financial institutions. Authorizes the DWD to employ special counsel or contract with a collection agency and to set the fee that the counsel or agency receives. Adds collection fees to the judgment lien amount. Lengthens from one to three years the time in which the DWD may begin a collection action against an officer or director of a corporation or a member of a limited liability company or partnership effecting a dissolution, liquidation, or withdrawal. Establishes civil penalties that may be assessed against a financial institution that fails to provide information required for a data match system. Provides immunity for a person or entity taking an action in good faith to collect unemployment insurance assessments unless the action is contrary to the DWD's direction to the person or entity.
    Current Status:
    Passed 2nd reading - 2nd House
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